History: From Bad Comes Good

MSP Aero was established as a certified repair station, specializing in avionics, in 2009 as the result of a surprising chain of events. In the 2000s, the US economy went through the great recession. This economic downturn affected all industries of America, and especially aviation. One late spring morning in 2009, the 93 employees of GDAS (General Dynamics Aviation Service/Gulfstream Aerospace – Minneapolis) were told that GDAS-MSP would be closing in June. All area flight departments were devastated.  For the first time since the 1940s there would not be a FAA Certified Repair Station located at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Area flight directors began to brainstorm their solution. They soon approached the GDAS lead avionics team of Lynn Boyd, Mark Taverna, and Aaron Sylvester and asked if they would open their own business and become a FAA Certified Repair Station that specialized in avionics.

In June of 2009, GDAS closed. The next day, Lynn, Mark, and Aaron continued to provide uninterrupted avionics service to area flight departments as well as develop their new business, which they named MSP Aero. In unprecedented speed, by December of 2009, the FAA granted MSP Aero its FAA 145 Certified Repair Station certificate. Lynn, Mark, and Aaron wanted to focus on their passion – avionics – so they asked Marcie Conroy to join their ownership team to help develop the business of MSP Aero.

In 2013 Scott Ziemer joined MSP Aero adding the services of Interiors, Paint and Windows.  Scott’s reputation is unmatched in the region for his expertise and his integity.

Contact  MSP Aero proudly serves customers throughout the Twin Cities, as well as Greater Minneosta, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  Contact us for all your avionics, interiors, paint and windows needs on all types of aircraft.