Avionics Maintenance & InspectionS Solutions

We come your hangar when you need us….whether your hanger is located at a twin cities reliever airport or in out-state Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, or the Dakotas.

MSP Aero is only a phone call away when our customers need us. We work as a team to do whatever it takes to solve even the most difficult maintenance challenges. With scheduled inspections, and other maintenance, we are always proactively looking for ways to reduce your down time.

Unscheduled Maintenance:

With our customers, your problem is our problem. MSP Aero will:

  • Team Approach-Two (or three) heads are better than one. We work as a team to do whatever it takes to solve even your most difficult maintenance challenges.
  • Stakeholders in Your Success-We do not approach your problem as an on-the-clock employee.
  • Reduce Your Downtime – With our availability and experience you will have a much quicker turn time.
  • Eliminate Your Inconvenience – Because of our experience many problems can be solved with a simple phone call. Also, when we do scheduled inspections, we look for potential squawks that may result in unplanned maintenance events.
  • Provide 24/7 Service-Our customers know we are just a phone call away when they want us.

Scheduled Avionics Inspections:

MSP Aero can do your FARs on a wide variety of aircraft, both Part 23 and Part 25, as well as helicopters.

MSP Aero is a FAA approved Repair Station (FAA 145 Repair Station Certification No. 5MAR502B) and an authorized dealer for all major avionics manufacturers. We are able to handle all of your certifications (See Certifications).

  • IFR FAR 91.411, 91.413 and RVSM Pitot-Static, Altimeter and Transponder Tests and Inspections.
  • VFR FAR 91.217 Transponder-Altitude Encoding
  • FAR 91.207 ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter Tests and Inspections
  • Static Port Flushness Inspections
  • RVSM Skin Waviness Inspections.
  • ULB (Underwater Locator Beacon)
  • Cabin Pressure Aneroid tests
  • AAIP Inspections (Approved Aircraft Inspection Program)
  • Airframe Manufacturer's Inspection Program

We believe you won’t find a more dedicated knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy team than MSP Aero.

Contact Lynn Boyd for all your avionics maintenance needs, both scheduled and unscheduled. We proudly serve customers of all types of aircrafts throughout the Twin Cities, as well as Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.