Aircraft Painting

Often the most recognized aspect of any aircraft is its striping and logos. Customers who choose MSP Aero for painting consistently say that their expectations were exceeded.

Paint Applications from DuPont & Sherwin Williams

  • Customized Color Matching
  • Seamless Blending

Registration Number Changes

Graphics & Logos

Composite Resurfacing

Repair & Repainting

  • Bird Strike Damage
  • Hangar Rash
  • Landing Gear & Gear Wells

Corrosion Removal

RVSM Compliance

Cockpit Repainting

Pre-Buy Paint Inspections

With more than 30 years of experience, Scott Ziemer is known as the trusted local aircraft paint craftsman. If you need someone with an artist’s eye for detail, you can depend on us. In fact, numerous customers have brought Scott with them to assess any paint imperfections for their potential aircraft purchase.

Contact Scott Ziemer for all your painting needs. We proudly serve customers throughout the Twin Cities Region, as well as Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.